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A story of Betul Escort Girls

When I started as an escort, find two passionate meetings of men in the world. I had to obey the rules, but one thing quickly became clear: Emotions cannot fake in this business. So far, I've never revealed customer details, but the people I usually meet are usually divided into two categories. Some are good at talking while others are great in bed. To the best of my ability, I feel these people are usually looking for something real, and I must have fun.

I am a Betul escorts girl who likes to be with a man. What matters is that my man has the same emotion. Some of the customers know the basics expected of their companion and seek them out strictly. Honestly, not a single day was intrigued by my work, because every experience was new and often new.

The first man is always alone. They need attention, love, and unexpected little things, the joy of men. These people do not start in bed. They often want me to take them to the crowd, and I don't mind visiting their favourite dance clubs and bars. We communicate and share things, and the stories I hear often make me think about life. In the room, the touch and eyes of these men were soft and kind, which indicates that they have not been with women for a long time. This is a challenge and an attempt to make them comfortable. These people not only play, but they also hide it deep in my heart, and I like it.

The second man is most about sex and cruel behaviour, and I find it equally alluring. They do not want to waste time negotiating. Instead, I usually drink a few glasses of beer, and then we start doing activities. I used to be with these people in various hotels around town, and they used to have great fantasies. From games to toys, after a while, these people are tall. The awake people are lovely, but being a little mischievous can help you get excited.

I still wonder why some of my clients keep coming back. One of my clients has a fixed schedule every Wednesday. No matter where I am or whom I am with, I know his phone will come that day. Every Wednesday, we have a date full of longing, talking, wine, and, of course, fantasy with intense sexual activities. I realized I was enjoying these nights because he let me do more. I tried new poses with him, and he liked the way Tantra made love, which helped me a lot.