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Farrukhabad Escorts Girl: A Love story

My name is Sushma, and I work for Farrukhabad escorts, one of the beautiful escorts companies in Farrukhabad. I have been working with the agency for three years, and I have satisfied different customers with different needs. We are happy to help all our customers. I work not only for money but also to enjoy both lives. However, sometimes, we meet people who have left very different memories for the rest of their lives. After encountering so many customers, it is difficult to remember that everyone has their characteristics, but some are different from each other. They treat us with care and respect, and I try my best to meet their needs. In the past three years, as a senior Farrukhabad escorts. I attended the first person who completely changed my view of life. Escort girls are also of human value.

I have met Mukesh twice, once on the phone, to his house, and once in a hotel on the outskirts of Farrukhabad. We spent some crazy time together having sex and spent an enjoyable time together. So far, everything is the same as other customers. Mukesh is a businessperson and very energetic. He was frank and stayed with me for a long time when I was dating. He also mentioned that he was in a distant relationship with someone going through difficult times. Even this is great for me because I listen to clients and sometimes, they ask me. This is part of a normal conversation with a customer. The clock kept spinning, and the month passed. I got a call from someone who was the manager of the Farrukhabad Escorts. I was in a meeting every day to check the week's meetings. When I went to work, it was Mukesh. He was waiting for me, but he seemed very frustrated. I walked to him and asked him if everything was okay? He said I need you, Sushma. I hope you get me out of this hell. I am frustrated, and today I think you can return my stability to me. I said I have been waiting for you, but what about my office schedule? He said I have discussed with your manager a scheduled timetable of five days.

Sushma, do you have any questions?

"I told him, nothing at all.

We went straight to the airport and then to Mumbai, one of Mukesh's favourite destinations.

So far, I have not even asked him these questions. I want him to relax and slowly relax, so I wait for him to speak. He established us in a hotel near Juhu. On the first day, we spent some time watching TV together and strolling around. Mukesh drank a lot of wine at dinner last night, and I joined him. When we returned, I sat on the bed because he was getting closer, sitting on the floor, putting his head on his feet, and crying. This was the first time in my life that one of my clients crying in front of me. However, Mukesh is also my friend. Even if I only accompany a businessperson like him, he always takes care and respects me. Then he said that I have been in a relationship for the last five years, my schedule is too busy, and people recognize me, but she doesn't even care about me and my relationship? she left me without rhythm and reason. She did not even think about how I felt. It has affected my work in the past month. I cannot concentrate on my work. Whenever I try to look at my laptop, I do feel why she left me? Mukesh cried. I wait for him to cry because crying makes people feel better. Did I ever say let us drink a can of beer for a walk? He said it is okay, let us go. When we walked, I told him that as long as you do not have that feeling or emotional contact with a person, you will hardly care about him. Maybe she uses your relationship as a reason, or she likes others you should accept. You cannot take her from leaving you. The sooner you agree with the truth, the sooner you answer yourself. I am here to support you, Mukesh. You are one of my best customers and friends, and he always treats me with caution and respect. We were in the middle of the road, he approached,